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Goodbye Venice …hello Croatia

Some days on any holiday are lost to the ordinary and the tedious. Today was one of those. We got up early and packed…then trundled 15 minutes down to the water-bus .Over cobblestones and cute little bridges…that lost their cuteness when I was manhandling large suitcases over them.

The bus took us to our flight at the Venice Marco Polo airport. From Venice to Rome…then a couple of hours layover before catching the plane to Split…a small city halfway down the long coast of  Croatia. Our host Angelo picked us up at the Split airport and delivered us to our accommodation for the next 4 days

Poor Yvonne is shattered…so settles in for an early night. I read up so as to improve my depressingly basic WordPress skills…and dream of a full day exploring tomorrow

The only car I saw in Venice…




blogging 101, Europe 2017, Venice

WALK, walk walk…Venice with tired feet

A free walking tour was the plan for the first half of the day. Being a keen walker, I thought that the 30 minute to the Church of St Barnabus, followed by a jaunt around the western aspects of Venice would be a pleasant mornings work

I did not count upon Yvonne’s shopping endeavour …not so much in spending, but stopping, looking (for that long sought-after product, querying the shop-keeper then moving on. My own navigation skills were a little lacking in the maze-like Venetian city layout

Out guide,Anthony, showed and informed us of many interesting and quirky things. What happened when the water levels rise in Venice…as they do to troublesome levels several times each year. Why you should not venture into the canals…clue; .sewerage  and rats. Where the good eating and drinking spots were hidden etc

Our day started out at 9am and finished with sore feet after 4pm.

THis eatery provided opportunities for Italian food and drink.
Yvonne at the end of the walking tour..St Mark’s Square in the background on the far bamk
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Murano…arty glass


Murano on a perfect day
My girl in the back of the taxi ..hotel rear entrance

About 3 km off the main island is the bustling and touristy island of Murano. My sceptical part of me was not looking forward to this day trip. Yvonne had threatened to flex the credit card!

A visit to one of the glass factories surprised me in the quality and beauty of the works produced. The use of shapes, colours and the ingenuity and skills involved were breathtaking. The prices asked were also breathtaking….fortunately Yvonne did not unsheath the card in the showroom, but was happy to purchase some trinkets and memorials at a fraction of the cost outside


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Food and transport in Venice…

Typical scene from almost anywhere on Venice.

The day comes to an end. We have walked for miles up and down history-laden streets. Virtually every service and supply in Venice is dealt with by canal transport including rubbish removal, delivery of goods and transport of locals and tourists. Another mild day in this faraway universe. Yvonne ordered a genuine Italian lasagna today….tasty, but very greasy. I tried a local wrap filled with ham,chicken and shredded cabbage.

The holiday chocolate treats we brought with us for “emergency purposes ” seemed to disappear from our suitcases at an alarming rate

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Venice to Scotland…2017

The water-bus station

After landing in the Venice International Airport we took a short journey to the “water-bus” depot… very modern. Weather was a beautiful 25°C. Finally started to feel like a holiday!  Chatted to an American couple from Pensilvania US and compared notes. The trip to our hotel would have been uneventful if I had chosen a journey destination point closer to the we enjoyed a long and interesting walk up and down stairsand over what seemed like a million bridges!  Yvonne was stoic and not amused