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London days 1 and 2

After Croatia we were anticipating a different experience and life at a very different pace armour next location….our expectations of London have been right so far

the first day after Pula in Croatia was mostly travel…didn’t get in to our new accommodation in St Pancras till after 5 pm. So we had a leisurely stroll round our “new area”  to check out the important things like supermarket and food outlets

Initial impressions of our surroundings were the huge  numbers of people seemingly just milling around. The numbers were also highlighting the diversity of  the people. Indians, Pakistani’s, Muslims, Africans, Carabeans, Asians…as well as the paler locals and the tourists of course. Then there were the beggars (who did not look as desperate or obviously handicapped as we would see in Croatia) ,the homeless and those that were obviously suffer from mental illnesses or addictions

On day 2 it was time to explore more and also check out the local areas in greater details. Even though housing densities in central London are high, there are still numerous interspersed gardens and parks that bring some sanity and beauty to the city

In the afternoon we visited the “Wellcome Collection”…an amazing (big , light and both luxurious and contemporary at the same time) building housing displays and exhibits relating to all things health, medical and the human body

later in the day we spent 3 hours wandering around the British Museum…hardly “scratching the surface” in relation to the number of artefacts and items we saw. Most of my time was spent looking through the galleries of the Egyptian eras. The mummies, burial rituals and tombs, technologies, lifestyles and beliefs. It’s amazing how 3 hours can just seem to disappear!

PArt of a display in the history of clocks and watches and there signicance to navigation and trade

just one of many gardens interspersed amongst the high density residential sprawl that is London

One of several hundred galleries in the British Museum. This one was dedicated to statues and pottery at “one” site between 100-700 BC