blogging 101, Croatia, Europe 2017

Pula, Pula,Pula..little gem

Leaving Split we caught the plane north to Pula….another Croatian seaside town that looked good on paper and contained more Roman artefacts. The town did not disappoint. Firstly the town was compact, so we could walk everywhere. Secondly, and probably because it was not as touristy as previous towns we visited, prices for food and other shopping items seemed much cheaper

Below the Amphitheater are hundreds of old amphorae…big vases used for storing oil and wine in “days of old”
THe Pula amphitheater is one of the better preserved of any of the Roman arenas…the cement holding the stones together is still going strong after 1900 years!
Inside the Temple of Augustus are housed a range of artefacts that are thought to have belonged to the Temple
The Temple of Augustus, as far as we know was built during that emporor’s lifetime. 2000 years ago. Amazingly well preserved…don’t build them like they used to.


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