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Zadar Old Town cheap and magical

After a brief absence from blogging I thought that a catchup was warranted. So sitting on a bus to Plitivici Lakes, with two hours to kill seems to render that opportunity

Our bus trip from Split to Zadar was  an uneventful 3 hours…through scrubby Mediterranean coastlands. Our room in the Old Town in comfy…we have a kettle and  a fridge and a kitchenette set-up…something we take for granted until you don’t have them

Zadar (Old Town) is a beautiful place. Compact and charming. Much of the town was built as we now see it in the 16th and 17 th century, although it has been continually occupied since Roman times…and they have the remnants of Roman civilisation all over the place. Large parts of the Old Town were razed and bombarded during World War 2 and reconstruction went on for 20 years after the war ended

The food is both cheaper and better than Split…when was disappointing to say the least! A good evening meal for 2 people costs about 170 Kuna ($35 Australian).  Little kids are everywhere and generally the population seems to consist a large fraction   of students and young families

At first, making friends in Zadar may seem difficult….



….but before you know it you are like old friends…

The middle of the days have been hot so most of our explorations have been afternoon and evening. Apart from the numerous antiquities the real beauty of this place manifests as the sun sets. On the west end of the Old Town the sea organ and the photo-voltaic displays are worth a visit …but the real attraction is watching the sun slowly sink into a balmy Aegean Sea

St Mary’s Church, Zadar. 16 th century, both somber and plain compared to many we saw in Croatia…but imbued a sense of grounding and purpose
Sunset in Zadar complete with yellow Submarine 

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