blogging 101, Croatia, Europe 2017

Plitivici National Park…stunning scenery…but crowded…

On Monday it was off to the bus for for 2 hour trip to the Plitivici National Park (PNP)

like most attractions in life.. initial concepts often get dashed by the reality. The PNP is visually stunning. It consists of a series of lakes that cascade into one another. These lakes are spread over hundreds of hectares and due to a quirky set of geological events these lakes are set at about 6 levels. The overall result is a spectacular array of these large bodies of water with waterfalls and cascades between them. My impressions…amazingly clear, and clean water, lots of fish, mixtures of vegetation varying from sub-tropical to beech forest, cascades not tall but extending over long distances   There are options for different trails and as the terrain does not rise to sharply the biggest constraint should be time available. The downside on the day I went were the massive crowds which made the whole experience look like an amusement park and not a natural environment. Typically there would have been 30 -40 people in view at any time….definitely not a wildness experience and detracts from the great natural beauty. This was compounded by lots of thoughtless tourists who thought nothing of stopping in the middle of a busy and narrow path to talke photos   The Park itself is a wonderful venue and could be a great experience…but it’s management will ruin its reputation for the sake of short term profits if they cannot do something about the overcrowding.

This is a typical cascade…one of hundreds. The wooden path surrounded large sections of the lakes..great idea
Beautiful environment with water, greenery and a bit of excitement…but the number of visitors…

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