blogging 101, Croatia, Europe 2017

Dubrovnik day tripping

A very full day was yesterday. We departed on a mini coach fro the Split bus depot heading south to Dubrovnik. Our driver and guide was Boran..a passionate and knowledgeable local who kept informed on the interesting points of places we were passing through and the history surrounding the towns and coast of Croatia

It is easy to forget for non-locals that it was only 25 years ago since Croatia was involved in a nasty war with Serbia and that feelings are still running high The fact that many of those responsible for the aggressions have not been held to account further inflames those feelings

After the collapse of Yugoslavia Serbia in a “grab for power” tried to take over the military infrastructure and exert control the over states from the old confederation. Many atrocities were committed but due to local resistance and UN intervention the Serbians eventually backed down…  not before hundreds of Croatians and thousands of (mostly Muslim) Bosnians were killed

Along the way we stopped off at a salt production facility at a small town names Ston   This facility has been producing salt in a manner unchanged since the Roman times

Dubrovnic itself was hot and busy. We limited ourselves to the “old town”…an area which encompasses a large fortified castle and a large walled town. The wall itself is up to 30 metres tall and 6 metres thick and is about 4 km in walking distance on the top of the city wall. This complex dates back to the Roman times and the shear size of the constructions are astounding. Mind you it was a work in progress for nearly 1700 years!

As old town complex is on the coast, and the Adriatic Sea is so blue and clear it is no wonder that this castle is used extensively as a set and a backdrop in A Game of Thrones



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