blogging 101, Croatia, Europe 2017

Adriatic evening cruise, cake and art-market

Our last evening in Split was perfect. A cruise off the coast as the sunset slowly over the islands was both beautiful and charming. The vessel we took was an older style chugger…probably a converted fishing boat. The boat and the music that oozed out of the speaker system were distinctively from the 70’s. Lionel Richie, Barrie White and Leo Sayer played to the 20-30 guests…who were mostly old enough to have grown up with the gentler  and more romantic pop music of that generation .

As the sun slipped down behind the islands off Split the boat with it’s reminiscing and content guests cruised back to shore. Mission accomplished….90 minutes of feeling good to be in such a beautiful environment , and grateful for a kind life.

Earlier in the day Yvonne and I spent time drifting through the town and feeling  the good vibes. Even with the patently obvious touristy nature of the town Split has a fundamentally good heart. Happy and well-fed kids running around, couples walking hand in hand and old local people sitting in groups and cheerfully chatting away over coffee and cigarettes

Generally the food in cafes in Split was awful….bacon was mostly fat and gristly. Salads were drowned in mayonnaise and coffee was always a lottery as to what might be served, but because it was served with such warm-heartedness it seems cruel to be critical! I assisted the local economy by consuming most of its cake

So back to our room we go to prepare for the next stage of our journey

A calm Adriatic on a balmy June evening
Yvonne and I enjoy a “selfie ” and soak in the beauty of the moment
Twilight sail in an older style boat with chalm and practicality

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