blogging 101, Croatia, Europe 2017

Ancient history….Split delivers…

We are up  and running from our “petite” apartment near the centre of the old-town part of Split. A stroll of 600 metres takes us down to the markets …that are as much for the locals as the tourists  We gather some fresh strawberries  and pastries for later consumption and enjoy a quick coffee. Possibly stronger and rougher than the Italian stuff ,but still a pleasant jolt to the taste buds.

Suitably refreshed we stroll around the Diocletian palace. This complex has been around for 2 thousand years and is as well preserved as some of its counterparts in Rome

My next project is a haircut…starting to look a little shaggy!

The local barber does a great job…and comments on my likeness to a film star. How can you not like some people

Part of entrance structure to the palace
View of aspects of the Cathedral in Diocletian palace…photo does no justice

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